Rangers Of Change

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Our project will educate and engage children, teenagers and adults in climate solutions by using teachers and students’ creativity to develop and implement these solutions in their homes, schools and communities, our priority being inclusion and diversity. Our motivation for ROC project is based on recent research which shows that if 16% of students in high- and middle-income countries receive climate change education, we could see 19 gigaton reduction of carbon dioxide by 2050.

Our project will help students develop a strong personal connection to climate solutions, it will have impact on students’ daily behaviours and decision making that will reduce carbon footprint. ROC climate solutions will draw down greenhouse gases.

Our education solutions will lower by 40% the damages caused by floods, droughts, wildfires, extreme temperature and extreme weather events. Our project will increase teenagers’ capacity to adapt to the harsh impacts of climate change by building knowledge of “green skills’. ROC will create a strong knowledge base around the causes of climate change and global warming; ROC will also develop strong skills that will allow them to apply their knowledge in real world, including problem-solving, critical thinking, teamwork, coping with uncertainty, empathy and negotiation. ROC will teach our students to use these transferable skills in their future jobs and to become involved citizens. Teachers noticed, from previous activities, that students enjoy working on climate action projects, they like searching and finding new solutions on climate action and recycling.

ROC’s activities bring together short, medium and longer-term actions that will enable teenagers to make progress towards achieving success. We all have learnt that success depends on collaborative working and our project is based on cooperation. Our project will engage teenagers who are passionate about the natural world, who want to do their best to protect nature and who can influence their wider communities. ROC will develop a broad understanding of the importance of sustainability, causes and impact of climate change. Teenagers’ enthusiasm presents huge opportunities for society when it is also funded to achieve green skills and to educate students for future green jobs.

ROC will provide funded activities for people of all ages to train into green careers-we will incorporate sport, education, health, youth in ROC activities: “Cleaner forests on our outskirts”, ”Cleaner beaches in my country”; “Plant a tree to feel free”. This project will transform behaviours, will build skills, will empower teenagers, will engage our communities in promoting healthy lifestyles through climate action and recycling education. Our project “Zero Waste Strategy” will boost green skills , delivering a Green Learning and connecting with nature. ROC will create green environment for our students and local community, supporting them to protect and value nature.



School No 195, Romania


  • 2nd General Lykeio Eleftheriou – Kordeliou, Greece
  • IES Eladio Cabañero, Spain
  • Vilkaviskio r. Graziskiu gimnazija, Lithuania
  • Agrupamento de Escolas Martinho Árias, Portugal


Project start date: 01-09-2022 – Project end date: 31-08-2024