Priorities and Topics

Priorities and Topics of our ROC Erasmus+ project:

1 Environment and fight against climate change:
– increase students’ capacity in helping slow climate change by conserving energy, minimizing vehicle use, eating locally grown foods, recycling.
– reduce greenhouse gas pollution at home, at school; save energy, reduce pollution, remove carbon dioxide; help stop global warming.

2 Common values, civic engagement and participation:
– remove carbon dioxide from atmosphere by planting trees, gardens, helping to protect forests, undeveloped land, open space.
– help slow climate change by reducing greenhouse gas emissions and protecting natural environment.
– have Recycling and Waste Reduction as common values
– save energy by reusing items, reducing waste(“Slash Trash” campaign).
– eliminate unnecessary driving to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.
– use clean air activities to attract our community.

3 Inclusion and diversity in all fields of education, training, youth and sport:
– maths lessons- calculate carbon footprint of homes, school;
-geography, technology lessons- plant trees, gardens at school, in public spaces;
– PE lessons-improve teenagers’ mental and emotional well-being organizing clean air activities -“Freeze Green Dance”;”Mountain
Climbers”; “Hug and talk to trees”
– develop social, intellectual skills: ROC integrates critical thinking, reduces obesity; reduces depression , anxiety among teenagers; incorporates sport, education.

Topics addressed by ROC project:

A. Environment and climate change
B. Green skills
C. Disaster prevention, preparedness and recovery

Target groups of the project: students aged 12-16 and their families, who can reinforce what students are learning at school by adopting climate –friendly practices at home. Our project will involve every project participant in our partner schools in deciding which roles they will take on during the project implementation. Each participant group will vote and elect representatives that will speak and act on their behalf in the climate action teams which are in charge of coordinating the development, implementation, dissemination and review of each partner school plan on climate change and recycling education.


  1. ‘Project Management’
  2. Climate change & extreme weather
  3. Life & Water in the plastic ocean
  4. Take action! Make a change! Buy less! Recycle!
  5. Art explores climate changepack


  1. ROMANIA: 27th-31st March 2023
  2. SPAIN: 24th -28th April 2023
  3. GREECE: October 2023
  4. PORTUGAL: November 2023
  5. LITHUANIA: April 2024


School No 195, Romania


  • 2nd General Lykeio Eleftheriou – Kordeliou, Greece
  • IES Eladio Cabañero, Spain
  • Vilkaviskio r. Graziskiu gimnazija, Lithuania
  • Agrupamento de Escolas Martinho Árias, Portugal


Project start date: 01-09-2022 – Project end date: 31-08-2024