All partner schools designed ROC project as a journey for our students, teachers and local communities to embark on. Our project is innovative because it stands for the climate action and recycling education, it explains climate action importance from the beginning and it shows our planned steps to follow. We planned our common activities to have a long-term cycle,
made up of different stages; we planned to have different partners involved, for each stage (local community, Media, government, philanthropic and corporate companies) to support climate change and recycling education. ROC is innovative because it includes disadvantaged/ disabled participants.

ROC is innovative through its SMART objectives (Specific-climate change and recycling education ; Measurable- reducing energy costs by 45%, lowering by 40% the death toll ; Agreed upon by all involved partners and contributors; Realistic-it plans, motivates and equips everyone to get involved ; Time-bound-it sets deadline for each activity). ROC is a long-term project, it is directed to shape our future communication activities as its key message is “YOU are the GREEN Change!” Our project also targets groups disadvantaged by inequalities, people in situations of vulnerability, that will benefit from our project and its results. Our key message for them is “Be Green To Be Keen!”

ROC will create visual identity that will ensure accessibility to it for as many people as possible, who can enjoy and benefit from our project results. Our visuals will be easily accessible for people with hearing, visual, cognitive or attention impairment. ROC is innovative because we will collect participants’ experiences as part of their journey. We will write and tell our climate action and recycling stories that will allow our audience to travel and connect with us across our Climate Action and Recycling Journeys. Every ROC stage will let others know about our project, in order to bring us new Green opportunities and partners


School No 195, Romania


  • 2nd General Lykeio Eleftheriou – Kordeliou, Greece
  • IES Eladio Cabañero, Spain
  • Vilkaviskio r. Graziskiu gimnazija, Lithuania
  • Agrupamento de Escolas Martinho Árias, Portugal


Project start date: 01-09-2022 – Project end date: 31-08-2024