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Jan 2024 02

January 2024 – Activities Lithuanian

In January, Lithuanian students wrote a proposal to the Headmaster. The proposal was approved by the Student Board of the school on taking action on climate change: 1. The students established a reverse vending machine: they are encouraged to bring empty bottles, not to throw them away and pollute; the money collected will go to […]

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November 2023 – Activities – REDUCE , REUSE , REPAIR, REPURPOSE, RECYCLE

At Lithuanian school: REDUCE consumption, REUSE everything, REPAIR, REPURPOSE, RECYCLE-students organised Campaigns: “Be a volunteer!”, “Slash Trash”, “Light Bulb Monday” . They and their families created and used stickers “Save the Water”, drawn by students, encouraging to save water supplies when not in use (next to the taps), as well as Switch off  stickers encouraging to switch […]

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November 2023 – Activities – Climate change corner

At Lithuanian school. students organised Climate change corner in each participant classroom, containing R advice: RETHINK your choices, REFUSE single use, REDUCE consumption, REUSE everything, REPAIR, REPURPOSE, RECYCLE- students in each class organised the corner, understanding the phenomenon of climate change, global warming, identifying the causes of climate change. The activities increased the level of knowledge […]

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October 2023 – Activities – Workshops

1. Articles and Posters in each school( ”Fewer cars on the roads”, ”No plastic or paper packaging”, ”Don’t buy what you don’t need”, ”Buy recyclable items”)-  ROC groups in each school worked together to come up with ways in which they could make their campaigns public and encourage people to think smart. Portugal: 2. Workshops […]

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