Month: October 2023


October 2023 – Activities – Workshops

1. Articles and Posters in each school( ”Fewer cars on the roads”, ”No plastic or paper packaging”, ”Don’t buy what you don’t need”, ”Buy recyclable items”)-  ROC groups in each school worked together to come up with ways in which they could make their campaigns public and encourage people to think smart. Portugal: 2. Workshops […]

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Event Greece 05

ROC Event Greece – 27 October 2023 – DAY 5

DAY 5 Day 5: Meeting at the Cultural Center of Kordelio. Feedback on activities and learning outcomes- Certificates award & learning outcomes at 2nd Geniko Lykeio Eleftheriou Kordeliou, Thessaloniki,Greece-We are the Green Change! Socializing activities:Posters competition and humanitarian campaign- students mitigated for clean drinking water; against unsafe water and poor sanitation. Students involved other 2 […]

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Event Greece 04

ROC Event Greece – 26 October 2023 – DAY 4

DAY 4 Day 4-Taking action to Edessa Waterfall-observing & collecting data & environmental education:participants became much eager to spend time outdoors, helping to clean water in lakes, rivers, sea. They got connected to virtual media to raise community awareness on how important is to have clean waters and how dramatic are plastic pollution consequences for […]

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October 2023 – Activities – Articles and Posters

Portuguese students organised Autumn Swap Meet on October 12th 2023. Students and teachers exchanged their unwanted possessions from books and school supplies to clothes, accessories and foodstuff. What was left was donated to the local charity and food bank. By involving students and their families we drew their attention to the need to change behaviours by […]

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