February 2024 – Event PORTUGAL – 26th February-1st March – DAY 1

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Work package n°4 -Action 2- Buy less! Recycle!
-Mobility in Soure, Portugal: 26th February-1st March 2024
172 participants

Our Erasmus+ Project “Rangers Of Change has continued its 4th mobility of Work Package No 4-Action 2-” Buy less! Recycle!”
Portuguese students welcome their colleagues from partner schools in Greece, Lithuania,Spain and Romania.

Day 1:
On Monday, 26th February 2024 teachers & students from Greece, Lithuania, Spain and Romania were welcome at Agrupamento de Escolas Martinho Árias – Soure, Portugal and worked together to integrate education for sustainable development in school curriculum, linking themes of recycling to economy, society, culture, education, heritage, health, social inclusion.
ROC Students attended welcoming ceremony for Work Package Action 2: “Buy less! Recycle!” at AEMAS- Soure, Portugal. Our world and climate face new and complex challenges in 2024.
Students exchanged information and updated each other on the last months campaigns- Green Shopping Guide; Buy Less Day; “Repurpose Challenge Day”; “Zero Waste Strategy”
During first day, teachers and students from all partner schools atarted Work Package Action 2: “Buy less! Recycle!” at AEMAS, working on the importance of trees in urban areas; together, they initiated a native trees planting activity in collaboration with Soure Town Hall.

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