February 2024 – Event PORTUGAL – 26th February-1st March – DAY 2

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Work package n°4 -Action 2- Buy less! Recycle!
-Mobility in Soure, Portugal: 26th February-1st March 2024
172 participants

Our Erasmus+ Project “Rangers Of Change has continued its 4th mobility of Work Package No 4-Action 2-” Buy less! Recycle!”
Portuguese students welcome their colleagues from partner schools in Greece, Lithuania,Spain and Romania.

Day 2: teachers and students worked on project goals face to face and discussed project issues.
In Coimbra, participants had a meeting with the specialists on sustainable education projects at Europe Direct, where they also had activities& ROC Project dissemination at Europe Direct Office on European Green Deal priorities.
They linked themes of environmental protection of economy, society, culture, education, heritage, health, social
inclusion; taking positive action helps reduce anxiety and powerlessness.
Workshop-participants made their campaigns public, encouraged people to think smart, reuse, recycle before buying. They met specialists and talked about causes of globalization, how to manage it. Students had an experiential activity: “The Green Walk” in the Botanical Garden of Coimbra Students wrote down things they do to help the environment. They practised on environmental issues using their own actions, keeping personal connections with places, maintaining cultural ties.
Students presented ideas, viewing problems as solvable, making achievable goals.
During Action 2: “Buy less! Recycle!”-students worked together at University of Coimbra, doing activities on urban planning,sustainability and pollution.

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