February 2024 – Event PORTUGAL – 26th February-1st March – DAY 3

Feb202421port (2)

Work package n°4 -Action 2- Buy less! Recycle!
-Mobility in Soure, Portugal: 26th February-1st March 2024
172 participants

Our Erasmus+ Project “Rangers Of Change has continued its 4th mobility of Work Package No 4-Action 2-” Buy less! Recycle!”
Portuguese students welcome their colleagues from partner schools in Greece, Lithuania,Spain and Romania.

Day 3-Taking action & project dissemination at Coimbra Town Hall, meeting specialists on Sustainainable Development;
Circular Economy and selective collection management of municipal solid waste Participants initiated activities, campaigns, workshops that provided benefits by informing, changing attitudes, acquiring skills,using experiential learning.
During ROC common activities students practised and improved their level of English, they learnt to find and sustain specific arguments,learnt to persuade people to take action on recycling; to communicate and measure what matters to ROC project.At the end of each activity, they decided what changes may be required for future activities to keep the project moving in the right direction.

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