February 2024 – Event PORTUGAL – 26th February-1st March – DAY 4

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Work package n°4 -Action 2- Buy less! Recycle!
-Mobility in Soure, Portugal: 26th February-1st March 2024
172 participants

Our Erasmus+ Project “Rangers Of Change has continued its 4th mobility of Work Package No 4-Action 2-” Buy less! Recycle!”
Portuguese students welcome their colleagues from partner schools in Greece, Lithuania,Spain and Romania.

Day 4: Taking action to Biodiversity observation in sensitive ecosystem of Ria de Aveiro in non-polluting vessels.
Students found out that Global aquatic biodiversity keeps declining rapidly, despite international efforts providing a variety of policies and legislations that identify goals for, give directions to protecting the world’s aquatic fauna and flora.Salt flats and local economy:Solar salinas are man-made systems exploited for the extraction of salt, by solar and wind evaporation of seawater. Salt production achieved by traditional methods is associated with landscapes, environmental and patrimonial values generated throughout history. This activity has been facing a marked decline in Portugal, making it necessary to find a strategy to reverse this trend. Aveiro-a new perspective into ceramics: environmental commitment and social responsibility – sustainable products and facilities at a sustainable factory. Founded in 1998, the Portuguese company has developed a unique expertise in designing and manufacturing fine stoneware products, from tableware, kitchenware and bakeware to decorative pieces. This expertise relies on an outstanding knowledge of ceramic craftsmanship from the very beginning, combined with the best local clays and the latest technologies, using a unique sustainable formula at high-temperature.

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