February 2024 – Event PORTUGAL – 26th February-1st March – DAY 5

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Work package n°4 -Action 2- Buy less! Recycle!
-Mobility in Soure, Portugal: 26th February-1st March 2024
172 participants

Our Erasmus+ Project “Rangers Of Change has continued its 4th mobility of Work Package No 4-Action 2-” Buy less! Recycle!”
Portuguese students welcome their colleagues from partner schools in Greece, Lithuania,Spain and Romania.

Day 5:
ROC Certificates award and learning outcomes at AEMAS-” We are the Green Change!”
“Buy less! Recycle!”-Reflection on benefits of shopping seasonal and local productsTeachers’ meeting: reflection & planning of the next Working Package.Reflection on the benefits of shopping seasonal and local products – Feedback on activities and learning outcomes:
Our project activities at the Portuguese school involved children, teenagers and adults in climate solutions, using the creativity of teachers, students and their families to develop and implement these solutions in their homes, schools and communities, our priority being inclusion and diversity. Our motivation for the project activities was based on recent research showing that climate change education helps students develop a strong personal connection to climate solutions, impacting student behaviours and decisions. The climate solutions in ROC project activities increased teenagers’ capacity to achieve knowledge about “ecological competences”; students have developed skills that will enable them to apply their knowledge in the real world, including problem solving, critical thinking, teamwork using empathy and negotiation. ROC activities have helped our studentsuse these transferable skills in their future jobs and become engaged citizens.


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