January 2024 – Activities Portugal

Jan 2024 03
Portuguese students, accompanied by their teachers, have a close relationship with the local Town Hall and they have decided to propose the Mayor to take further climate action. 4 different classes have been working together, over 80 students with the support of other teachers / subjects, wrote the official emails, in Portuguese; the other 2 classes translated the aforementioned emails, created a slogan and digital pictures.
This activity encouraged their creativity and developed their argumentative and collaborative skills since they had to work together not only to write the original versions and create the slogans, but also to agree on their translations. They really enjoyed it and are now looking forward to the Town Hall’s reply – to install more recycling bins around their school as well as solar panels on its roof. Sooner or later they are sure they will have an answer and most probably they will see good results (at least the recycle bins!)

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