Lithuania – 14th-20th April 2024 – DAY 3

Apr2024 Lithuania Day3
Day 3: Workshop in Meteliai Regional Park.

Studying natural surroundings in Meteliai Observation Tower, participants experienced birdwatching, sightseeing in the forest (cognitive path through blooming leafy forest, swamp).
Students and teachers attended a seminar on the nature of the Regional Park. During the workshop, they got to know the flora and fauna of the area, improving their teamwork skills.
Participants from the partner schools worked together on ways to achieve the project’s objectives through learning activities;

  • discussing project problems
  • sharing the achieved results
  • identifying failures
  • risks
  • risk causes and finding

solutions, defining responsibilities, preparing the impact measurement plan.
Exploring Marijampole’s natural sights, participants created works of art in Marijampole: Malonny.The relationship between the artwork and the city of Marijampole was to paint the artists’ vision onto walls and then to create a work of social art that interacts with the daily lives of the city’s residents and sparks both joy and discussion.
Working on project goals face to face; discussing all the project issues, sharing responsibilities, participants discussed about how art and culture become a universal language that people may use to communicate with each other. Art speaks out in an especially loud and clear voice in Marijampolė. The fact that the organizers managed to create ever more impressive performances and gifted the city with their artwork, their positive emotions, their unique and original ideas, will continue to influence Marijampole city for years to come.

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