Lithuania – 14th-20th April 2024 – DAY 5

Apr2024 Lithuania Day5
Day 5: Workshop on science and media, creativity stimulating activities in Steam Centre.

Participants improved their ICT skills cooperating on environmental issues, science and creativity.
Brain-battle on topics of science, improving teamwork skills; measuring impact; awareness about climate change in the family and group of friends of participants;they analyzed impact of climate change on extreme weather;socializing activities; informing other colleagues about the impact of human activity on climate change; correctly explaining to younger peers, families, and the local community that climate change results from a combination of natural and humaninfluenced factors that together produce specific conditions for disasters.

ROC Certificates award and learning outcomes at Vilkaviskio r. Graziskiu gimnazija- We are the Green Change!
Teachers’ meeting on reflection and planning of the final report on all ROC Working Packages.

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