Lithuania – 14th-20th April 2024 – DAY 1

Apr2024 Lithuania Day1

Work package n°5 -Art explores climate change:
-Mobility at Vilkaviskio r. Graziskiu gimnazija, Lithuania: 14th-20th April 2024
158 participants

Our Erasmus+ Project “Rangers Of Change has continued its 5th mobility of Work Package No 5-“Art explores climate change”
Lithuanian students welcome their colleagues from partner schools in Greece,Portugal,Spain and Romania.

Day 1:
On Monday, 15th April 2024 teachers & students from Greece, Spain, Portugal and Romania were welcome at Vilkaviskio r. Graziskiu gimnazija, Lithuania and worked together to integrate education for sustainable development in school curriculum, linking themes of recycling, climate change to art, economy, society, culture, education, heritage, health, social inclusion.
ROC Students attended welcoming ceremony for Work Package Action 5: “Art explores climate change” at Vilkaviskio r. Graziskiu gimnazija, Lithuania.
In international groups, participant students created climate change drawings and paintings, showing the beauty and fragility of Earth.
Their works prove that art is a reliable and efficient ambassador for climate action and recycling education; art has a visual impact, it is a universal language, it boosts students’ creativity.
Working on project issues, teachers and students presented meeting objectives and timeline. Getting to know each other, they did ice-breaking activities, developing their teamwork, communication, cooperation,foreign language competences.
Combining art and recycling, participants worked and discussed on why/ how to raise awareness about climate change.
Exhibitions of their drawings and paintings,showing the beauty and fragility of Earth, were shown to parents, stakeholders and local community members.
Initial evaluation assessed expectations, fears and personal input.
Freeze Green Dance, done by participants, integrated the beauty and fragility of Earth into the movements of dance, as a way of expressing
art (
Exploring Vistytis Regional park, participants did plogging activities and attemded a seminar on the importance of all parts of nature, protected areas; specialists told them about the threats and dangers our planet is facing these days.
Art tackles plastic pollution in our rivers/lakes/oceans/seas- organisers engaged paticipants and local community in environmental art making. Working in and exploring Paezeriai Manor, guest students and teachers were introduced to Lithuanian national instruments
Exploring the natural beauty of the old manor with its park and nearby lake and its ecosystem. participants initiated “Hug and talk to trees” campaign.


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