”Plastic Fantastic” Paintings – Portugal

Plastic Fantastic Portugal
May 2024-Activities Plastic Fantastic” Paintings – Portugal
”Plastic Fantastic” Paintings- done with recycled plastic, as material- students in each school painted using recycled plastic, according to the idea of Mbongeni Buthelezi, an artist in South Africa, who has found a way to combine his artistic passion and his love of recycling. Mbongeni Buthelezi collects plastic bags from the streets around his Johannesburg studio and melts them to create a unique kind of art – he calls it “plastic fantastic”.
As fantastic as it may be, plastic is polluting our planet and destroying fauna and flora. In yet another campaign / activity to raise environmental awareness, our 8th graders partcipated in the annual Plogging Challenge Portugal 2024. With the amount of plastic they gathered, they created an octopus:

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