Public Speech Competitions – Portugal

Speech Competitions Portugal
May 2024-Activities Public Speech Competitions, on topics related to climate change – Portugal
In Portugal, students took part to Public Speech Competitions, on topics related to climate change. Students imagined they are delivering their speech for TED Talks, because change has been something that existed from the the very beginning of the world, but it has been escalated by us, the people, since the beginning of the industrial era, around 200 years ago. Since then, hundreds of problems that come from climate change have only gotten worse. Some of the most known ones are the greenhouse effect, the acid rains and the Gap in the ozone layer. All these problems were caused by pollution in its multiple forms, whether it is from traffic waste or consumption of non-renewable energies. All these problems should be heavily fought against, but, unfortunatelly,  most of us keep living in an extremely pollutive way, leading each other to reality where sea levels rise to the point of flooding coastal cities and Islands Cyclones dry seasons and fires are an unavoidable and extremely frequent occurrence. A lot of species we see today become extinct! Some easy ways to start contributing against climate change are recycling, taking public transportation, thinking about what you really need to buy if you want to contribute in a deeper and more involved way to influence people around you, to participate in public events on climate action, as it is much easier to prevent!


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