ROC Event Greece – 23 October 2023 – DAY 1

Event Greece 01


Activities at The Environmental Education Centre of Eleftherio-Kordelio:
“Learning about climate change while playing!”. Through a series of activities and games that invite students to active participation,
issues related to the causes and effects of climate change are covered, as well as ways to mitigate it and prepare to deal with it.
Mediterranean Sea Workshop: Watching a film related to climate change at the Evosmos Cultural Center.
ROC Activities (drama, creative writing, painting) raised awareness about role of water for human beings and the other plants
and animals-ROC activities and campaigns inform teenagers, communities; they change attitudes, practices for environmental protection;
participants acquire skills, attitudes through practical, interactive activities, using experiential learning;
they achieved collective projects that generate change, through results of proposed learning( individual, school, community level).
Students learnt about climate change while playing.



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