ROC Event Greece – 25 October 2023 – DAY 3

Event Greece 03


Day 3-Taking action against water pollution & project dissemination at Centre of Education for the Environment and Sustainability Thermis
Participants raised awareness about plastic pollution, in order to reconnect people with nature; students achieved direct emotional
relationship with the environment. Participants became much eager to spend time outdoors, helping to clean water in
lakes, rivers, sea. They got connected to virtual media to raise community’ awareness on how important is to have clean
waters and how dramatic are plastic pollution consequences for their health. Working on ROC activities, our students got ability
to relate to environment, finding solutions and efficient ways to protect it. They improved their vocabulary related to pollution
through brainstorming and explaining pollution related words/phrases.

ROC students made a change on economic sustainability & environmental education at Gerovassiliou winery
and the Wine Museum & Botanical Garden. They debated on role of clean water in the
world, efficient ways to stop wasting water, finding ways to supply water to underprivileged groups.
Students created posters and wrote petitions, inviting government, politicians to meetings; they established working plans
for each of the above problems.
“We help rivers/lakes/sea” Campaigns-in groups, ROC students organised volunteer working day in which they initiated
campaigns of cleaning waters in their community /country, involving families, friends; helping NGOs to collect plastic from these waters.


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