ROC Event Romania – 27 March 2023 – DAY 1

Event Romania 01

On Monday, 27th March 2023 teachers & students from Greece, Lithuania, Portugal and Spain were welcome at School No 195, in Bucharest, Romania. School presentation, greetings were followed by working activities on project issues;
workshops dealt with waste management, material recovery, promoting & facilitating longer lifespan of material re-use, recycling, litter reduction campaigns to prevent leakage into the environment. Good, relevant arguments and solutions were found by the participants.
Our common activities increased students’ capacity in helping slow climate change at The Museum of the National Bank of Romania- we talked about valuable numismatic collections, interesting stories about the national heritage; the golden vault; students connected past history and testimonials to present and future; identifying and tracking actions, participants learnt how to slow climate change.

Special thanks for a marvellous ceremony to our students,teachers and parents!
Students,guided by their teachers and supported by parents made this day unforgettable!
Congrats,children,you proved YOU are the Change we all wish to see in the world!


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