ROC Event Spain – 25 April 2023 – DAY 1

Event Spain 01


On Monday, 24th April 2023 teachers & students from Greece, Lithuania, Portugal and Romania were welcome at Instituto de
Enseñanza Secundaria Eladio Cabañero, and worked together to integrate education for sustainable development in school curriculum, linking themes of
recycling to economy, society, culture, education, heritage, health, social inclusion.
Students debate on the advantages of buying seasonal products at the local farmers’ market. Participants report on the benefits of shopping at a
farmers’ market.
Waste Management and Recycling workshop-participants inform teenagers, communities; change attitudes and practices for environmental
protection; they acquire skills, attitudes through practical, interactive activities, using experiential learning.
Workshop on human activities and their impact on our landscape at Museo López Torres in
Tomelloso and old windmills in Campo de Criptana. Human activities and their impact on our landscape at old mills in Campo de Criptana were discussed by participants, who got complex learning experiences, combining non-formal, informal education, respecting principles for sustainable development (Student-centered, Critical Thinking, Systemic Thinking, Partnership,
participation). They connected to real lives of children and communities, finding solutions that were action-oriented.
Participants were honoured and grateful to talk about ROC Erasmus+project’s aims with Her Excellency Mrs.Florenta Ciobotaru,from Consulate of Romania, at Institute Eladio Cabanero in Tomelloso, during Waste Management & Recycling workshop



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