November 2023 – Activities – School No 195-together,for an ecological and innovative future

Roc 2023 01

In November,at School No 195-together,for an ecological and innovative future.Children& parents created works in which
technology and nature coexist in harmony.
They recycled old toys, reduced plastic consumption, saved water, planted flowers& trees, collected waste selectively.
In the 21st century, our generation faces a critical moment:our actions shape the planet future, with climate change,
deforestation, and pollution, which represent significant challenges.

Human activities, especially consumption and burning of fossil fuels, lead to environmental degradation, contributing to destruction of
habitats and loss of biodiversity.
Deforestation worsens the state of our planet, emphasizing the need to conserve forests. New forests must be planted, saving the planet
and adapting renewable energy. Policy changes and global collaboration are vital for sustainable practices.
Community engagement, through grassroots movements and local initiatives, fosters environmental responsibility.

Through sustainable practices, renewable energy promotion, education, policy advocacy, and community involvement, we can mitigate
environmental impact, ensuring a more sustainable legacy for future generations.

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