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Roc 2023 02

November 2023 – Activities – School No 195-“Light Bulb Monday” – Sports Competitions

NOV- At School No 195 in Bucharest, Sports Competitions help our students reduce anxiety and have a healthy lifestyle. School Sports Competitions are good ways for our students to have a healthy lifestyle: 1st place on District for our school handball players! “Light Bulb Monday” uses ingenious techniques to save electricity costs, igniting a movement […]

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Roc 2023 01

November 2023 – Activities – School No 195-together,for an ecological and innovative future

In November,at School No 195-together,for an ecological and innovative future.Children& parents created works in which technology and nature coexist in harmony. They recycled old toys, reduced plastic consumption, saved water, planted flowers& trees, collected waste selectively. In the 21st century, our generation faces a critical moment:our actions shape the planet future, with climate change, deforestation, […]

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October 2023 – Activities – Workshops

1. Articles and Posters in each school( ”Fewer cars on the roads”, ”No plastic or paper packaging”, ”Don’t buy what you don’t need”, ”Buy recyclable items”)-  ROC groups in each school worked together to come up with ways in which they could make their campaigns public and encourage people to think smart. Portugal: 2. Workshops […]

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