Day: February 28, 2023

Activities February2023b

February 2023 – Campaigns& activities/ workshops

Campaigns& activities/ workshops: 1. “Cleaner forests on outskirts”- Portuguese students in their school helped to clean forests 2. “Plant a tree to feel free”-Portuguese students planted trees   February-Clean-up activities done by Lithuanian students   Dissemination of our Erasmus+ project “Rangers Of Change” at Embassy of Helen Republic in Bucharest. Romanian students were welcomed by Her […]

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Activities February2023a

February 2023 -activity ROC -Weather station at my school

ROC “Weather station at my school”- students in partner schools became scientists, keeping a diary of temperatures, weather conditions and cloud types that they saw above their school over the course of 2 weeks, comparing results. Students received new equipment for measuring atmospheric conditions and provided information for weather forecasts. They studied weather and climate. The measurements taken by them included temperature, atmospheric pressure, humidity, wind speed, wind direction, precipitation amounts. […]

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