October 2023 – Activities – Workshops


1. Articles and Posters in each school( ”Fewer cars on the roads”, ”No plastic or paper packaging”, ”Don’t buy what you don’t need”,

”Buy recyclable items”)-  ROC groups in each school worked together to come up with ways in which they could make their campaigns public and encourage people to think smart.

Portugal:  https://sway.office.com/tmKicaEXEokbpVOT?ref=Link

2. Workshops with therapists/ psychologists: ”Where does eco-anxiety come from?”,” What is the cause of eco-anxiety?”, “Our generation impact on the environment”, ”How to manage eco-anxiety? –  participants in each school attended each workshop

3. School Sports Competitions– teachers organised them to help reduce anxiety: walking/hiking/ running/cycling competitions for each participant school- 100 participants/ each school

October activities included School Sports Activity video, articles and posters at the Portuguese school

Portugal: sessions on Eco Anxiety with the school psychologist took place between Oct 9-13th, including the PPT (in Portuguese, shared with parents) as well as photo collages:


”Buy recyclable items” – ROC groups of students in each school worked together to come up with ways in which they could make their campaigns public and encourage people to think smart:

Portugal:  https://sway.office.com/tmKicaEXEokbpVOT?ref=Link

Lithuania organized school sports events: all students participated in walking, hiking events in the beautiful surroundings of nature in order to reduce anxiety. All school students participated in the events on a beautiful autumn day. The participants not only walked, but also had to complete “mini-tasks” related to curriculum, as the event lasted all day. The teachers organized tasks connected to native language, English language, History, Geography, Arts, Mathematics and Sciences. They were organized in the form of a competition.
As there are 2 different departments of our school, students and teachers from both departments participated in order to get to know each other better and feel less stressed feelings to be a part of a common community. A mini-cleaning campaign was organized to keep a beautiful corner of the nature clean. Everybody felt great after outdoor walking/hiking activity and lessons in the nature.

Fewer-cars-on-the-roads-Dainiaus-S DONT-BUY-WHAT-YOU-DONT-NEED_Dalius Dont-buy-what-you-dont-need-Emilija-K  Buy-recyclable-items_Gabriele_D.pptx  Buy-recyclable-items_Gabriele_N.docx  Dont-buy-what-you-dont-need-Rugile.pdf Less-cars-Rimante.docx Dont-buy-what-you-dont-need-Auguste.pdf Buy-recyclable-items-Orestas.docx No-plastic-or-paper-packaging_Ausrine.docx Buy-recyclable-items-Orestas.odt Do-not-buy-Marius.odt Recycling-Liveta.docx Buy-recyclable-items-Juste.docx No-plastic-or-paper-packaging-Monika.docx fewer-cars-on-the-roads-Kamile.docx

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