December 2023 – Activities – School No 195- recycled waste electrical

Roc 2023 03

DEC 2023: At School No 195 students recycled waste electrical and household appliances.
Our students, helped by parents, grandparents, friends and neighbours, collected and recycled in a responsible way

These days many people are fighting with eco-anxiety or the climate anxiety, including the youth.
Eco-anxiety is the feeling of guilt about nature, people have these urges to feel terrible every time they drive a car or see
trash on the street, but most of the time the guilt comes when they see these things on the news or on the social networks.

Buy recyclable items:

Recycled items are important for the environment because they reduce pollution. This promotes environmental sustainability by removing
raw material input and redirecting waste output in the economic system.
By purchasing recycled products, we encourage manufacturing methods that limit resource use and energy waste by producing items from
a reusable material. If you want to increase your role as an environmental conscience contributor to the earth’s
well-being, there’s more you can do than just recycle.

dec2023-sc195-12.pdf  dec2023-sc195-13.pdf   dec2023-sc195-14.pdf    dec2023-sc195-16.pptx  dec2023-sc195-19.pdf

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