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ROC Erasmus+ KA220 Project

ROC Scrabble board games-30 students in each school worked to identify words related to climate change & extreme weather: they created games, including rules to play them and containing Game elements that can be useful to students when they play their games-group work. They had fun, playing these newly created games with their mates.


GAMES created by students:

1.Climate Scrabble: Using jumbled letters from Scrabble board games, students identified words by rearranging letters on the desk. Once they found the word, they wrote it on board. The group with most words at the end of the activity won. Teachers gave students slips of paper with jumbled or missing letters, challenging them to discover the complete words(carbon / footprint / greenhouse / effect / deforestation / fossil / fuels / global / earth / warming / energy /emissions / ecosystem / environment). Students, helped by teachers, understood the connection between these words, matching them with their definitions and clarifying meaning of the unknown words.

2. SAVE THE PLANET: The guessed sentence doesn’t have to be the same with the one that the creator has said, it just has to mean the same thing.

3 Weather Tree: what happens if you land on the sun/ on the star/ on the moon

4. SAVE THE PLANET WITH 16 CARDS: The bad and good things that destroy/ save the Earth.

5. Help the Earth: about weather and helping our planet. The idea that ties all elements of

our game is: THE EARTH.

6. Trash-man simulator: cards are classified as: “Garbage bag”; “Recyclable” accesses plastic and cardboard;‘metal detector” accesses the wires/beasts and unprocessed metal; polluting factors are worth different points.

7. RACE FOR EARTH: The game takes place on the sea, basically the road back “home” for the players aka the pawns. It takes place into an imaginary “world”.

Greek students have created the following boardgames

1st game: Climate change-The climate change board game is making the learning a fun and easy process for students and their friends.

2nd game: End of climate change- We created this board game, as we wanted the title to represent the topic it raises . We chose to create a knowledge board game to inform students and teachers about climate change through a funny way to learn new things and expand their knowledge. Making this board game,  we learned things and chose to include them so that those who play our game can also learn them. There will always  be developments and we will keep an eye on them. Our goal is to make learning about climate change more enjoyable and help people get informed, too.


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