April 2023 – Activities – Workshops

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Campaigns& activities/ workshops:

1. Articles/ PPTs-:” Fresh water around the world”, “Water crisis in the world”, “Water- an important resource”-students searched situation of running water and sanitation in each partner country. They presented their findings and solutions to stakeholders; participants presented PPTs with ways to use water responsibly, bringing arguments supported by facts, figures for their statements( Bottled water companies do not produce water. They produce plastic).

2. World Water Day-students mitigated on clean water in the world, efficient ways to stop wasting water, finding ways to supply water to underprivileged groups. Students created posters, wrote petitions, inviting government, politicians to work plans for each issue (Water Photography Competitions, Water Poems/Stories competitions)

3.”We help the rivers/lakes/sea” -volunteer working days to initiate campaigns of cleaning waters in their community/ district/town/country, involving their families, friends, helping NGOs to clean plastic waters.


Lithuanian students designed  a poster on the environmental/water topic; created from old magazines
Portugal: The water crisis in Portugal and in the world-In 1992, the United Nations Organization wrote that “ water is not a free gift from nature ” , being “ sometimes rare and expensive ” and could “ very well become scarce in any region of the world” . After three decades, the predictions of the Universal Declaration of Water Rights are becoming a reality: by 2025, an estimated 1.8 billion people will live in areas plagued by water scarcity, with two thirds of the world’ s population living in water-stressed regions as a result of use, growth and climate change.


The-water-crisis-in-Portugal-and-in-the-world – DOWNLOAD PDF Poem-Its-all-about-waterDOWNLOAD PPTX The-water-crisis-in-Portugal-and-in-the-world – DOWNLOAD PDF Poem-Simone – DOWNLOAD PDF Water_leaflet – DOWNLOAD PDF


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